Friday, 22 June 2007

They're coming a bit faster now!

Especially as I've figured out the easiest way to get photos into the Blog! :)

Next job was to fit the clutch and brade pedal assemblies. The pedal box is already welded in place on the chassis, so that's not too bad. First I had to make some nice neat holes for the two master cylinders. The Dremel is a damn useful thing - if you don't already have one, get one!

As you can see, they're nice and round now. As with most of these things, it's important not to take too much off in one go. It's much better to take little bits off and take it easy.

Once the holes were made and the cylinders fitted snugly without snagging anywhere, it was time to fit the clutch pedal assembly. MNR supply a chunky steel rod to use as the pivot bar, which needs to be cut to length for the pedals.

Actually, it needs to be a bit wider than the pedal, as you need a split pin on the outsides to keep it in place. I only just managed to drill the holes through it to allow for this - thankfully! It does fit snugly in there now though.

Once the clutch pedal was in, it was fairly simple to just drill a hole for the clutch cable to come through. I did need to modify the pedal slightly, as it was fouling the pedal box at the bottom. Some re-profiling with the dremel gave a nice, non-sticky movement. You can see it here with the rose-joint joining the cable to the pedal.

With the clutch pedal in and fitted, it was time to do battle with the brake bias bar and the master cylinders.

With the holes drilled, the MCs were fitted to th bulkhead. the MCs are a different make, one wilwood, the other something else. Which is fine, as long as they do the job I'm not concerned, but the wilwood one had a freely-rotating thread for the bias bar fixing, and the other didn't.......

I worked around this by putting the fixing on the non-turny MC first, then threading the bias bar onto it. Then I adjusted the fixing for the other MC and got the MC threading into it. It was a bit fiddly, but we got there in the end! Finally a photo of the almost finished footwell:
The last job was to connect up the ends of the brake pipes to the correct MC and p-clip them in place to the bulkhead. Next time, fitting the ally top panel....

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Tim Cheney said...

Your blogs are almost as infrequent as mine! I'm really keen to see what your ruby bodywork looks like!