Friday, 22 June 2007

Another 3 weeks!!

Well, we're trying to get through the backlog of posts! My boss looked at the blog the other day and said we had a long way to go - we've done quite a lot more to Ruby, but not the blog! Day off today, so here's a catch up of where we're up to so far...

Next job was to fit the brake and fuel pipes to the car. Queue loads more drilling and rivetting to fit the pre-flared pipes to the car, p-clipped every 6 inches for SVA compliance. It was fairly straight-forward to fit the pipes - I started at the T-piece at either end and worked back to where the master cylinders mount on the front bulkhead. I tried to route the pipes in the most logical way I could, bearing in mind that I didn't have too much of an idea where all the suspension bits would go! As this is our first build, there was some head scratching, but I think we got it pretty well. I did struggle getting the things straight, they'd been coiled up and I couldn't manage to work some of the kinks out of it, but they were pretty well hidden, so I don't mind it too much.

We then mounted the smaller copper pipes which will eventually connect to the flexis at each corner. That was a fairly simple job.

Next up was the fuel pipe. This was a more difficult job, as a) it was much longer, and b) thicker tube, so more difficult to bend to shape. I ended up with a couple of minor kinks in it, but nothing too drastic I think.

I've put some piccies into the post, but you can see all of them here on my Picasa album. If you're working with lots of photos, especially for a blog, a really handy little tool is the Microsoft Image resizer powertoy, which you can get here - it lets you resize multiple images, all by the same amount. V. useful, as we've got quite a high resolution camera, and the images at high-res are too big for the web.

More on the next job, the brake Master Cylinders, after I've done some housework and had some lunch.... :)

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