Saturday, 2 June 2007

It's been two months since we posted(!)

Well, it's been two months since the last post, I've no idea where all the time goes. We picked up Ruby on the first bank holiday weekend in May, (thanks to all the lads who were there and pushed the van up MNR's driveway!), we made it the 250 miles home with not many other hiccups.

With the kit safely tucked into the garage, it was time to fix Claire's tintop, as it had failed its MOT on a wheel bearing. 6 days of working, including the traditionally p!ssing bank holiday weather, got the wheel bearing and the diff changed (that was getting noisy), and so we got started on Ruby.

First job was to sort out all the boxes of stuff we'd received from MNR, and try and figure out what some of the things were, then check out the manual to find out where to start. First up was to put the front bulkhead ali panels in. Lots of putting them on, marking them up, figuring out where to drill the holes, drilling the holes, rivetting the panels. They did take longer than I expected but the final result was ok.

More to come in the next post - it's time for Breakfast! I'll catch up on our progress so far over the next few days....

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