Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Something's happened to the car!!

We've managed to spend some time in the garage, we measured up the car for the flexible fuel hoses we'd need - we were going to run flexis through the tunnel, until Ron mentioned a post on locostbuilders about how long they last! We decided to keep the copper pipe through the tunnel and add another for a return line. So, we re-measured, then it was off to Merlin motorsport in Chippenham to hand over some dough for some flexi hoses and clamps, a fuel pressure regulator and gauge. We then decided to have some dinner and watch the Rugby (we'd have been better off in the garage!)....

The next day we were off to Screfix for some more rivets (I thought we had enough - oops!), and then remember how to flare copper pipes and use our new pipe bending tool. Next we cut off the rear bit of the old copper pipe and flared the end, so the join sits just inside the tunnel. We then decided to move the loom up off the floor of the tunnel, so we could lay the new copper in its place - this keeps the leccy away from the fuel lines....

The photos aren't brilliant, but you get the idea. It was a bit of a painstaking job to bend the pipe to fit through the tunnel and rivet it in pace, especially as we left the engine and box in place... :)

This week we also ordered and received an oil cooler and thermostatic sandwich plate - we wanted to fit it all from the start, as it would be more difficult to organise once the car was running. More to come after this weekend, when we should have put in the flexi fuel lines, the pressure regulator, and (hopefully) made up a bracket for the oil cooler, to measure up for the flexi oil lines. More money down at Merlin's next week!!

More next time!

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